Take your Time

made.com Talent Lab 2018

My latest work

Time is a concept that often seems to slip through our fingers, rushing by in a blur of moments and memories. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, there are certain moments where we consciously choose to slow down, to savor each precious second spent with the ones we love. These moments, filled with laughter, conversation, and connection, are the ones that truly enrich our lives and create lasting memories.

It is in recognition of the value of these moments that I have crafted this table clock, designed to serve as a reminder to take our own time when we are in the company of those who matter most to us. Available in a variety of colors, this clock not only tells the time but also embodies the essence of slowing down and cherishing each passing moment.

In selecting the material for this clock, I was drawn to the unique qualities of cork oak. A cork oak must be at least 25 years old before its bark can be harvested, symbolizing the passage of time and the patience required to cultivate something truly remarkable. By incorporating cork oak into the design, I aim to imbue the clock with a sense of longevity and timelessness, reflecting the enduring nature of our most cherished relationships.

Furthermore, cork oak possesses exceptional sound insulation properties, which serve to muffle the ticking of the clock mechanism. As a result, the passage of time becomes less noticeable, allowing us to feel as though time is passing by just a bit slower. This subtle effect encourages us to pause, to linger in the present moment, and to appreciate the beauty of each passing hour.

Ultimately, this table clock is more than just a functional timepiece; it is a testament to the importance of taking our own time and savoring the moments that matter most. As it graces your home with its presence, may it serve as a gentle reminder to slow down, to connect with loved ones, and to embrace the richness of life's most precious moments.