Rossana Orlandi

My latest work

Plastic containers are still widely used with the only function of vessels, to carry things around for a couple of days, maybe just hours. Talks about using less plastic are in the air, but we still need to do more. Why is plastic still being used and abused as a simple disposable element? We could all easily live without these, but what can we do now with all those unused containers?

This project involves repurposing post-consumer packaging, such as plastic bottles or containers, by melting them down and shaping the melted material into cylindrical lamp bases. The process begins with sorting and cleaning the packaging, followed by melting the plastic in a controlled environment to avoid harmful emissions. The molten plastic is then poured into cylindrical molds and allowed to cool and solidify. The resulting lamp bases can be fitted with light fixtures and shades, creating unique and eco-friendly lighting pieces. This project not only reduces waste but also demonstrates innovative ways to transform discarded materials into functional and aesthetically pleasing objects.